Friday, March 6, 2009

Geography of thailand

The geography of Thailand consists of four separate and distinct areas with vastly different geographical features, topography and climate. Generally, the country is bordered on the south by the Andaman Sea on one side and by the Gulf of Thailand on the other. The northern section is bordered by Rangoon (Burma), Laos and Cambodia.


The geography of Thailand's southern portion is mostly subtropical rainforest. It is hilly and covered with lush undergrowth rising to thick forests stands. The highest rainfall levels of Thailand are found in the southern Thailand area. This is the area of Thailand with the Andaman Sea on the west and the Gulf of Thailand on the east. The western coastline was the one ravaged by the effects of the Boxing Day Tsunami which occurred on December 26, 2004. This coast was the location of resort hotels and tourist accommodations which largely disappeared under the onslaught of the 100 foot high wave which swept over the area.


The geography of Thailand changes here. The land becomes flatter and definitely more fertile, thanks to the meanderings of the River Chao Phraya. On the west, the central region is bounded by the mountains which protect Burma's borders, on the east the central region is bordered by the plateau of Laos. The land is mostly a plain watered by the mighty Chao Phraya (River of Kings). This area is where the majority of Thailand's largest export crop is grown—rice. It is largely rural, except for the bustling business, governmental and educational center of Bangkok.


Here the geography of Thailand changes once again. It rises to a dry plateau with reduced rainfall. The land is basically suited only for raising cattle, with some rice and corn. There have been severe drought conditions in the past, which left the people of the area poverty stricken. However, they are a unique group of people who speak a dialect all their own and have a strong folk culture. This is the area where remnants of a Bronze Age civilization are apparent.


The geography of Thailand is beautiful here with forests, mountains and fertile valley. The foothills of the mighty Himalayas begin in this area. It's also known as the Golden Triangle. Northern Thailand has hill people, elephants working the land, temples with attendant festivals and a crisp and invigorating seasonal variation. The people are particularly friendly and gracious.